TheoreX 3rd Seminar: Cybercrime and You

This is the 21st century, and the rapid development and pervasive reach of every day technology, especially the internet, has done a lot of good in this world. However, it has provided a new breed of criminal the ability to reach you from any corner of the planet. Cybercrime is increasingly on the rise; everything from identity theft to theft of banking credentials for fraudulent transactions has seen an increase thanks to the internet.

However, there are ways to protect oneself and one’s loved ones. And that is exactly what was discussed in the “Cybercrime and You” seminar by TheoreX at Techno India College at Batanagar. Delivered by CEO and Co-founder of TheoreX Ayan Choudhury, and keynote speaker Vishal Dave, along with TheoreX Pilot Program Moderator Sayan Samaddar, the seminar was a rousing success. With over 50 attendees, the interactive seminar provided a fun and informative look at how cyber criminals do their job and the steps that can be taken to prevent oneself from becoming a victim.

Students and professors alike were extremely pleased with the result of the TheoreX seminar and that highlighted the need for more such events all over the country. There is a ton of misinformation and fearmongering among the general public when it comes to cybercrime and by reaching out to the flagbearers of the new generation, the students, and informing them about the ground reality of the situation, TheoreX is definitely leading the charge and bringing about the Next Learning Revolution in India. The huge amount of requests received by the TheoreX team about more such events, including interactive seminars and hands on workshops, goes to show that there is a definite need and demand for such informative events within the greater student community.

Some Glimpses:

We at TheoreX are just getting started. Come join us and be a part of the next learning revolution.